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Every ArtSea creation is handmade within a cozy home in the pine barrens, but the journey began long ago and far away...

ArtSea Creations

by Susan LaDeau

About Us


It's funny that we never know where experiences in life will lead us. During visits to my mother-in-law in York Beach, Maine, I often walk to the small beach that is tucked back into the beautiful rocky coastline. One day, while walking the beach, I began to find sea glass. I was told that much of it comes from shipwrecks - that it had been tossed about in the ocean for decades until it finally washed ashore. How exciting to hold a piece of glass and wonder where it had come from!

Later, while perusing an exclusive shop in Maine, I noticed some interesting sea glass pictures for sale, the likes of which I'd never seen before. It gave me an idea of what I could do with the sea glass I found, so I went ahead and made a few as gifts for friends and family. 

The response was overwhelming. They asked for more for themselves, for their friends and family, and for gifts, and suddenly I had orders for dozens of sea glass pictures. This led to some local craft fairs and more orders piling up, and I began to get inquiries as to whether I had a website. Well... here we are.

Thank you to those who encouraged me, to my husband for putting up with sea glass taking over the house, and for my son for making this website possible. I hope that the pieces you purchase will bring a smile to all who view them.

- Susan LaDeau

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