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See how sea glass, pebbles, driftwood, moss, shells, and other authentic materials are used to create ArtSea Creations.

Subtle shades of earthy green and amber sea glass were used to create this pineapple; a symbol of welcome, friendship, and hospitality.

Susan LaDeau, "Welcome Pineapple"

A couple made of white pebbles and cloudy blue and amber sea glass sit on a driftwood bench. Their child, made of deep brown sea glass and a brown pebble, swings on a rope swing nearby, which hangs from a light driftwood tree with shades of green sea glass leaves. The happy couple takes in the beautiful scene as a bluebird made of translucent blue sea glass flies overhead.

Susan LaDeau, "Couple on Bench"

ArtSea Creations

by Susan LaDeau

Translucent and cloudy white sea glass form the veil and wedding dress. An off-white pebble forms the face, and a small white pebble, olive green sea glass, and a white ribbon form the bouquet.

Susan LaDeau, "Bride to Be"

Flat shells and a deep orange lava rock make up clay flower pots and a larger terra cotta pot. The flowers are made of deep green, opaque white, and olive green sea glass and sit atop a driftwood bench. The large plant below them is made of long strands of wild green sea glass. Birds flying overhead complete this rustic country scene.

Susan LaDeau, "Flowers on Bench with Terra Cotta Pot"

Deep greens, pale greens, opaque whites, aqua and pale blues make up this sea glass Christmas tree with small bright pebbled ornaments. The trunk of the tree is made of brown sea glass. This festive tree is topped off with an opaque white and pale blue sea glass angel.

Susan LaDeau, "Christmas Tree with Angel"

Shades of pale blue sea glass birds enchant this backyard scene. Several birds are perched upon the dark driftwood tree while others, in mid-flight, are on their way to the white and brown sea glass birdhouse. The birdhouse, with added moss, sits in a patch of grass made of translucent green sea glass. Nearby, a brown sea glass person with a sand-colored stone head sits up against the tree, bird in hand.

Susan LaDeau, "Bird in Hand"

LOVE. L for the Lovely pale blue sea glass. O for an Off-white shiny shell. V for the Very rare red sea glass flowers sprouting out of a dark green sea glass bottleneck. E for the Earthy shades of brown sea glass. And a burlap background to finish it off.

Susan LaDeau, "LOVE / Burlap"

Two cats, one made of brown and gray stones, the other made of black and gray stones, curiously watch an aqua blue and amber sea glass bird. The bird sits perched on a tree made of twigs and green sea glass leaves.

Susan LaDeau, "Birdwatching Cats"

Carefully arranged shades of opaque amber sea glass form the top half of a giraffe. This particular giraffe is about to munch on the green sea glass leaves that hang down from the pale driftwood tree.

Susan LaDeau, "Giraffe"

Birds fly across the pink and white pebble sun as it shines over a family of seafoam green sea glass birds feeding their aqua blue sea glass chicks. This tree branch and moss nest make a perfect home for this family of birds.

Susan LaDeau, "Bird Family in Nest"

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